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    Business Address Registration Service UK

    Galaxy Accountancy helps you in business address registration service UK, since for your customers, suppliers, and other contacts to use when they wish to communicate with you or visit you. 

     What is a registered office address?

    The registered office is recorded as the legal address for your business and is used by government organisations such as Companies House ( UK registrar) and HM Revenue and Customs ( UK tax authority) to communicate with your business.

    It is the official address of a limited company or LLP, and the delivery location for all official government mail. All companies are required by law to maintain a registered office in their county of incorporation at all times. A private residence can be used for this purpose, but this information will be disclosed on public record. For reasons of privacy and professionalism, most people prefer to use a non-residential address. Companies and LLPs must make their statutory records available for public inspection at their registered office, and they must display these address details on all company stationery, emails and websites.

    Why You Need a Registered Office Address in UK ?

     Now many businesses operate online or have little need for a physical office premises. This leads to a situation where it is useful to have an address to put on a website, or on stationary, and in the case of a registered office there must be somewhere where documents can be delivered. Below is list why you need a office address registration service UK:-

    • Under UK company law, all companies, partnerships, and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) are required to have a registered office in their country of incorporation – England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. This formal registered office serves as the official address where all important and statutory letters and documents will be sent. 
    • The registered office is not the same thing as your normal business address. There is no statutory requirement that says your registered office and business addresses cannot be the same. so there could be one address to cover both.
    • All official government mail is sent to your registered office.
    • Companies House will disclose your registered office address on the official companies register. This creates corporate transparency for the benefit of the public.
    • A professional registered office address will enable you to keep your home address off the public record.
    • A registered office service prevents unsolicited mail and visitors from arriving at your private residence.
    • Companies must display their registered office details on all forms of business stationery, websites and promotional material.

     If you need to have a serviced addressed, Galaxy Accountancy London can help. This means we will host your address for you, giving you a recorded address, you can use for whatever purpose you desire, without the need to pay the costs of a physical office presence. This address service can cover many requirements, from the legal need to have a registered office, through to wanting to have somewhere customers can send things to.

    Can I change my Registered Office Address Details After Incorporation?

    Companies can change their registered office details at any time, provided the new location is in the same country (England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland) and it is a full, physical postal address.

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