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    Galaxy Accounting is payroll outsourcing agency in UK specialising in payroll and PAYE for single company owners, startups, small and medium businesses and organisations at reasonable rate. We will help you as our organisations trusted partner for hassle-free payroll outsourcing in London UK. 

    What is Payroll Outsourcing in UK?

    Payroll outsourcing in London UK involves delegating the responsibility of payroll management to an external agency or service provider, like Galaxy Accounting. This strategic move allows businesses to streamline their payroll operations, reduce administrative burdens, minimise errors, and maintain compliance with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) regulations.

    Why Hire Galaxy Accounting for Payroll Service in London UK

    Payroll management is a vital function for businesses operating in the United Kingdom. However, handling payroll can be a complex and time-consuming task. Many companies are turning to payroll outsourcing to simplify their operations, ensuring accurate payroll processing and compliance with ever-changing regulations. 

    • No More Hassles with PAYE: Pay As You Earn (PAYE) is a fundamental component of UK payroll. Accurate PAYE management is essential to avoid fines and penalties. Galaxy Accounting ensures precise calculations, deductions, and timely submissions to HMRC, relieving you of PAYE-related hassles.
    • Comprehensive Payroll Services: Our payroll outsourcing services cover every aspect of payroll management, including employee data management, salary calculations, tax deductions, pension contributions, and the issuance of payslips. We tailor our services to meet your organisations unique needs.
    • Workplace Pensions: Galaxy Accounting assists you in navigating the complex world of workplace pensions. We ensure that your business complies with auto-enrollment regulations, manages contributions efficiently, and communicates pension benefits to your employees effectively.
    • Managing Employee Benefits: In addition to payroll processing, we help you manage various employee benefits such as company cars, bonuses, life assurance, and health insurance. Our expertise ensures that these benefits are administered correctly, helping you attract and retain top talent.

    Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing Agency in UK

    Galaxy Accounting is a payroll outsourcing company in London UK who understand the intricacies of the UK payroll landscape:
    • Compliance: Our experts stay updated with the latest HMRC regulations, ensuring your payroll processes remain compliant.
    • Data Security: We prioritise data security, employing advanced encryption and robust security measures to protect your sensitive payroll data.
    • Cost-Efficiency: Outsourcing to our consultancy is a cost-effective solution. By eliminating in-house payroll staff and costly software investments, you can allocate resources more strategically.
    • Time Savings: Free up your valuable time and resources by outsourcing payroll. It allows you to focus on core business activities, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

    How We Help Organisations Save Money

    Galaxy Accounting enables significant cost savings for your organisation:

    • Reduced Overheads: Eliminate the need for hiring and training in-house payroll staff, purchasing software, and maintaining expensive infrastructure.
    • Compliance Efficiency: Avoid costly penalties and fines by ensuring accurate and compliant payroll processing, including timely submissions of PAYE and other payroll-related documents to HMRC.
    • Streamlined Operations: Efficient payroll processes lead to reduced errors and less time spent on payroll-related tasks, allowing your staff to focus on revenue-generating activities.
    • Focus on Core Activities: By outsourcing payroll, businesses are free to concentrate on their core operations and strategic initiatives.
    • Scalability: Our services can adapt to your business’s growth. You won’t need to invest in additional resources or technology when expanding your workforce.

    How Galaxy Accountancy Works for Payroll Management on PAYE Services UK

    PAYE is the system used to collect income tax and national insurance from your UK employees. The PAYE scheme does not apply to staff employed outside the UK. If you employ one or more staff in the UK earning over the Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) of £120 per week, you are obliged to register as an employer so that you can operate PAYE.
    1. Initial Consultation: Our partnership begins with a consultation where we assess your payroll needs, understand your specific requirements, and discuss your long-term objectives.
    2. Data Collection and Setup: We work with your team to collect essential employee and payroll data securely. This information is used to set up your payroll system.
    3. Payroll Processing: Our experienced payroll professionals handle all aspects of payroll processing, including:
    • Employee data management.
    • Salary calculations.
    • Accurate tax deductions.
    • Taking bonuses, commissions, and other variable pay components.
    • Managing statutory deductions, such as National Insurance contributions.
    1. PAYE Management: We ensure accurate PAYE calculations, deductions, and timely submissions to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to keep you compliant.
    2. Reporting and Support: We provide regular payroll reports to help you monitor expenses and tax liabilities. Whenever you have a question or concern, we’re here to help.

    Simplify Your Company’s Payroll with Us 

    Galaxy Accounting offers efficient payroll outsourcing services in the UK, alleviating the burden of payroll management, including PAYE, workplace pensions, and employee benefits. By entrusting your payroll needs to us, you can save money, reduce administrative complexities, and ensure compliance with UK payroll regulations. Choose Galaxy Accounting as your payroll outsourcing partner and experience the benefits of expert payroll management and cost savings for your organization. 

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